Mission Statement: To promote the Strait of Juan de Fuca Highway 112 Scenic Byway.

Promote: To encourage to exist, flourish; To support, foster, nurture, cultivate; To enhance, improve upon; To advocate for; To render a service to; To advertise, publicize

Meeting Schedule:
Most meetings are held from
3 - 5pm the fourth Monday of each month. There are no meetings in July, August, December. For meeting details contact us.

Upcoming Meetings (2019):

March 18th
May/Early June TBA

Photo credits:
Header photo
Welcome sign
by John Gussman

Scenic byway dedication ceremony
by Herb Balch

Who is the Association?

The Juan de Fuca Scenic Byway Association (JFSBA) is a grassroots, volunteer organization formed for the purpose of promoting awareness of and sharing the history, culture, natural beauty and recreational opportunities along the Strait of Juan de Fuca Highway 112 Scenic Byway. The Association is a Washington State incorporated nonprofit organization with a 501c3 charitable organization status with the IRS.

Board of Directors and Officers (pdf, current list) 


What we do...

The Juan de Fuca Scenic Byway Association
… will strive to provide a safe, educational and enjoyable experience for residents and visitors to SR112, with access to recreation along the byway.

Highway Safety: The safety of travelers and residents is of primary concern to the Association. Public meetings allow for a constructive and educational way to address and resolve any safety concerns.

Natural and Cultural Resource Awareness: The Association will focus on educating the traveling public about local cultures that formed the history of the area and provide opportunities to visit recreational and cultural sites essential to a valuable and memorable travel experience.

Environmental Stewardship: The Association realizes the importance of good environmental stewardship and will attempt to bind the community in efforts to understand and see resolutions to environmental concerns and to further educate the traveling public.

… will focus on educational and community building efforts which may result in the beneficial side effect of enhancing economic development.

Community Education and Participation: The Association will strive to educate the byway community regarding its past history, present neighbors, current issues and future planning. The Association will encourage community participation in the organization and projects and events managed by the Association.

… will explore funding and partnership opportunities for projects that benefit Hwy 112 and support the Association.

Funding Opportunities: The Association will explore funding, networking and partnership opportunities to learn and grow and will strive to build an organizational structure to cover minimal and essential operating costs of the Association.

Mission Statement adopted 6/26/2006:
To promote the Strait of Juan de Fuca Highway 112 Scenic Byway.
[Promote: To encourage to exist, flourish; To support, foster, nurture, cultivate; To enhance, improve upon; To advocate for; To render a service to; To advertise, publicize.]

Vision Statement adopted 6/26/2006:
The Strait of Juan de Fuca Scenic Byway community, as well as travelers to the byway, will have knowledge of or access to information concerning the highway story, the history, the culture, the archeological aspects and the natural resources of the byway, and will appreciate the recreational and scenic opportunities the Strait of Juan de Fuca Scenic Byway affords.

The Juan de Fuca Scenic Byway Association will be instrumental in promoting these same qualities through the National Scenic Byway Program and through collaborations and/or partnerships with local, state and regional jurisdictions. The association will work to raise awareness of the byway program and encourage support of the association with a strong local membership in the Juan de Fuca Scenic Byway Association.

Business Plan adopted 6/26/2006:
To support the Juan de Fuca Scenic Byway Association administrative expenses and activities in the following ways:
          Fundraisers ... Great Olympic Peninsula Duck Derby, Fesitval of Trees, Great Strait Sale, other
          Retail sales items in the future

To support scenic byway projects in the following ways:
          National Scenic Byway grants
          Other federal/state/local and foundation grants
          Regional and local partners/stakeholders

Marketing Plan adopted 6/26/2006:
To promote low-impact tourism in partnership with other groups. Activities include:  kayaking, canoeing, biking, hiking, wildlife watching/bird watching/whale watching, photography, storms, lighthouses, fishing/hunting, museums, cultural events, and others. Low impact to traveler, community and environment ... more non-motorized vehicles for travel ... longer stays ... off season, shoulder season.

Partners:  Olympic Peninsula Visitor Bureau, Clallam Bay-Sekiu Chamber of Commerce, Makah and Elwha Tribes, Audubon, Whale Trail, Olympic National Park, Clallam County Parks, Washington Water Trails, Olympic Discovery Trail (Adventure Route Segment), Lighthouse Association, Historical Societies, Backcountry Horsemen, and others.

Organizational Documents:

Bylaws (pdf 4.6 MB)

Articles of Incorporation (pdf 2.1 MB)

501c3 Status (pdf 15.7 MB)

Corridor Management Plan Summary (pdf 14.3 MB)

Meeting Minutes (pdf's):

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Be a part of the Association

How you can be involved:

  • Learn about the purpose and goals of the association
  • Apply to become a member of the Juan de Fuca Scenic Byway Association (there are several levels of membership from a free courtesy community membership to full partnerships) … a membership application and information is available in pdf form below
  • Participate in the annual membership meeting (usually in January) to vote on new directors and receive current information on the Association projects, progress, and plans
  • Volunteer to serve on the Juan de Fuca Scenic Byway Association Board of Directors
  • Read the Milepost Newsletter to keep abreast of the Association activities and happenings in the Hwy 112 community
  • Share your talents and experience to benefit and enhance the highway community
  • Participate in fundraisers and events for the highway community and your own local community … such as the Great Strait Sale, a 61-mile yard sale on the second Saturday of September
  • Share ideas and concerns about the highway and community with any board director

View our Membership list online - click here

Download the current Milepost Directory Brochure (pdf) - click here

More Information:

Membership cover letter and application form (pdf) - revised 9/11

Photo submission form (do you have a photo that you would like to submit to our photo library?)

Milepost Newsletter (pdf's)

Visitor Newsletters:

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Community Member Newsletters:

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Scenic Byway Designation

The road to the Strait of Juan de Fuca Scenic Byway/National Scenic Byway designation: 

• 1967 … State Route 112 designated as a Washington State Scenic/Recreational Highway

• 2000 … Corridor Management Plan for SR 112 completed

• 2000 … Corridor Action Team formed to work with the community and local/state jurisdictions concerning planning and projects for the SR 112 corridor

• 2000 … State Route 112 designated a National Scenic Byway Strait of Juan de Fuca Highway – SR112

• 2001 … Strait of Juan de Fuca Highway – SR112 dedicated as a National Scenic Byway

• 2001 … First project for SR112 completed - Interpretive kiosks at Clallam Bay and Sekiu (see funding section for subsequent projects and grants)

• 2004 … Juan de Fuca Scenic Byway Association Inc. formed as a nonprofit, 501c3 organization with a mission to promote the Strait of Juan de Fuca Highway 112 Scenic Byway


The National Scenic Byway program...

The National Scenic Byways program is part of the U.S. Department of Transportation, Federal Highway Administration. The program is a voluntary, grassroots collaborative effort established to help recognize, preserve and enhance selected roads throughout the United States. This program is founded upon the strength of the leaders for individual Byways.

The U.S. Secretary of Transportation recognizes and supports outstanding roads as All-American Roads or National Scenic Byways based on one or more archeological, cultural, historic, natural, recreational and scenic qualities. Since 1992, 150 distinct and diverse roads have received designation in 46 states. The Federal Highway Administration promotes the collection as the America's Byways®.

For more information about the National Scenic Byway program, go to www.byways.org

How we are funded...

Membership services such as the Milepost Business Directory, membership decals, The Milepost newsletter, membership meetings, and web maintenance are supported by annual membership renewal fees.  Additional funds are available from various annual fundraising events such as the Great Olympic Peninsula Duck Derby and Festival of Trees.  The Great Strait Sale pays for the cost of promotion of the event with fees charged for advertising on the flyers.

Other specific and larger projects are paid for by grants such as, but not limited to, National Scenic Byway grants and Olympic Peninsula Visitor Bureau Tourism Enhancement grants.  Many, but not all, grants require matching funds provided by donated cash, services, materials, equipment, and/or labor. 

Following is a list of grants received with the amount of the funds granted (not including matching/donated values):

1996 National Scenic Byway Federal Grant … $333,519.00 … Corridor Management Plans (CMP) for State Routes 105, 109, 112

  • Developed a Corridor Management Plan for the Strait of Juan de Fuca Highway
  • Formed steering committee (Corridor Action Team, CAT) to guide byway organizational development and to promote broad-based participation in byway activities
  • Developed initial goals and objectives

2000 National Scenic Byway Federal Grant … $48,156.00 Traveler Information and Interpretive Areas

  • Coordination of community volunteers to implement project for roadside kiosks at Clallam Bay and Sekiu
  • Partnership with WSDOT to host a designation/dedication celebration (2001)
  • Partnership formed with regional tourism to include SR112 as part of Washington’s Olympic Peninsula in ongoing promotion and information campaigns
  • Partnership with WSDOT to produce a corridor travel map and brochure to orient travelers to the scenic and recreational resources on the byway

2003 National Scenic Byway Federal Grant ... $25,000.00 … CMP Implementation Grant #1

  • Produced updated recreation brochure/map for SR112 titled, “Drive It. Experience It.”
  • Formed a new byway organization, the Juan de Fuca Scenic Byway Association
  • Developed bylaws, articles of incorporation, mission/vision for the Association
  • Established Washington State non-profit incorporation status and federal 501(c)(3) status for the Association
  • Developed a quarterly newsletter for the Association, “The Milepost … a Newsletter for the Strait of Juan de Fuca Highway” with print and electronic distribution

2004 National Scenic Byway Federal Grant … $25,000.00 … CMP Implementation Grant #2

  • Partnered with the North Olympic Peninsula VCB to participate in the International PowWow in New York
  • Produced an over-sized postcard for distribution to international vendors at PowWow
  • Initiated organization recruitment and identification of key stakeholders
  • Developed a multi-year work plan to achieve long term byway goals
  • Developed a marketing mission statement and a marketing plan for the byway
  • Developed a business plan that identifies a sustainable funding strategy for basic byway organization needs

2006 National Scenic Byway Federal Grant … $25,000.00 … CMP Implementation Grant #3

  • Developed a representative logo for the byway
  • Developed and installed byway route marker signs and gateway signs for the byway
  • Dedication for signs with press coverage April 2008
  • Began an active membership drive for new association members
  • Developed a byway milepost business directory for summer distribution to travelers

2007 National Scenic Byway Federal Grant … $25,000.00 … CMP Implementation Grant #4

  • Developed a media-quality photo library for the byway
  • Partnered with regional organizations to develop print materials for low impact tourism opportunities ... Whale Trail, Olympic Discovery Trail ~ Adventure Route, and a booklet for the dedication of the newly rebuilt Elwha Bridge
  • Developed a web presence plan for the byway

2008 OPVB Tourism Enhancement Grant ... $5,300.00 ... Brochure Reprint

  • Partnered with the Olympic Peninsula Visitor Bureau, 7 Cedars, and Washington State DOT to update and print the scenic byway brochure.

2008 National Scenic Byway Federal Grant ... $69,910.00 ... Interpretive Information for Travelers

  • Partnered with Clallam County Parks to develop and install interpretive kiosks for three parks on the byway
  • Implemented a web presence plan for the byway by building a web site for the byway community
  • Redesigned/printed the byway brochure to be consistent with the byway logo and signing

2009 OPVB Tourism Enhancement Grant ... $1,200.00 ... Adventure Route Brochure

Partnered with Olympic Peninsula Visitor Bureau to upgrade quality and print a brochure for the Olympic Discovery Trail ~ Adventure Route brochure.

2010 OPVB Tourism Enhancement Grant ... $4,050.00 ... Whale Trail

Partnered with The Whale Trail to update and print brochures including land-based viewing sites along the scenic byway. Then partnered with The Whale Trail, Olympic Peninsula Visitor Bureau, and Clallam Bay-Sekiu Chamber to develop and install interpretive signs at the viewing sites and develop web pages for each site. 

2011 National Scenic Byway Federal Grant ... $208,080.00 ... Elwha Interpretive Gateway

Partnerships include Clallam County, Lower Elwha Kallam Tribe and Olympic National Park.  An interpretive gateway and rest area will be designed and developed at the former Elwha Overlook.  The area is currently being used as the staging for the Elwha Dam removal project.  When the property is vacated, the land and road will be restored to create an area for visitors to learn more about the Elwha river valley and the Strait of Juan de Fuca Scenic Byway.

2013 OPVB Tourism Enhancement Grant ... $2,000.00 ... Adventure Route Brochure

Partnered with Olympic Peninsula Visitor Bureau, to upgrade quality and print a brochure for the Olympic Discovery Trail ~ Adventure Route brochure. Partial matching funds from the JFSBA, Mike's Bikes (All Around Bikes), Backcountry Horsemen of Washington, Peninsusula Chapter, and Peninsula Trails Coalition.

2015 National Parks Conservation Association (NPCA) ... $9,000.00... Booklet Printing and Interpretive Panels

Partnership with the NPCA allows for printing of a second edition of the Exploring the Elwha River Restoration commemorative booklet and funding for the manufacturing of the interpretive panels for the Elwha River Interpretive Center.

2015 OPVB Tourism Enhancement Grant ... $3,400.00 ... Strait of Juan de Fuca Scenic Byway Brochure and Map

Partnered with Olympic Peninsula Visitor Bureau to re-print the Highway 112 Scenic Byway Brochure.